Monday, 2 December 2013

Life update!

Hey guys,

I just wanted to explain why I haven't really been posting. I had my last set of uni exams in November and I was super busy. I really wanted to concentrate on my exams as the results would essentially determine what I was going to be doing next year. This was my third and last year of uni and I was lucky enough to be accepted into a graduate program next year so I had to make sure that I would pass this semester in order to graduate on time. Luckily, I passed all my exams so I have a little bit more news to share.

I currently live in Sydney and I'll be moving to Canberra next year for my new job. I currently work as a computer technician at a retail store with the name resembling a fruit (I'm sure you can guess where I work) and I absolutely love my job but I needed to get on with life and put my degree to use. I'll be working in the Australian public service (government) and will be there for hopefully a very very long time :)

What this means is that I'm currently super busy in looking for a place to live and in preparing for my move. This means that I don't have extra time to blog as I'm spending every spare minute sifting through real estate ads. I have lots of ideas for posts and lots of posts that I've promised people so I hope you can hang around for me :) You may see the odd post here and there though as I know I won't be able to stay away.

I hope you all do stick around with me during this hiatus. I am still active on Twitter and Instagram so you can follow me there for updates :)

Thanks guys!



  1. That is so exciting! I wish you the best of luck with all the awesome things to come :)

  2. looking for new place is exciting! another way to start the new year =)

  3. Good luck! Sounds like a positive change!

  4. Congrats on the move and the new job :D good luck with everything and looking forward to new posts once you're sorted out!

  5. Good luck with the move Jen! Can't wait to have you back blogging :) xx


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