Friday 22 March 2013

L'Oreal CC Cream Review

I impulse bought the L'Oreal CC Cream last week from Priceline without having read any reviews on it first but I thought that I'd give it a go as I wanted to get something that was really natural and not fussy to use for work and uni. I've been using it every day since and I'm pretty happy that I got it although I'm not sure that it would really work for everyone.

L'Oreal CC Cream

The CC cream is meant to be used in replacement of your foundation and it corrects redness in the face.

It's advertised as (on the L'Oreal website):

"Colour-correcting pigments work with your natural skin tone to help neutralise redness, dullness or tired looking skin. The result is a fresh revived skin tone with flawless lightweight coverage; a perfect nude complexion."

"Micro-Pigment capsules in a green emulsion transform into a foundation upon contact with skin and self-adjust to neutralise redness."

I've been having a break out on my right cheek so I decided to take photos of both my left and my right cheeks, with and without the CC cream, to show you the coverage it gives. I found that the coverage was really light and I couldn't go without my concealer.

Left: Without makeup
Right: With CC cream only

Left: Without Makeup
Right: With CC cream only

You can see that it works really well on (mostly) blemish free skin but it doesn't really cover up break outs which I didn't expect it to. One thing that I need to point out as well is that the CC cream didn't work well with my concealer. When I use the Make Up For Ever Full Cover concealer alone, it lasts all day but it only lasts about half the day when I use it on top of the CC cream. It might not be a deal breaker for some people but if I had to choose between the CC cream and my concealer, the MUFE concealer would definitely win as it's my HG concealer (although I'm considering testing different concealers with the CC cream).

Also, the CC cream lasts about half the day if you don't set it with powder. I've been using my fingers to apply it and it feels like applying primer (it has a bit of a "dry" finish).

Left: CC cream straight out of the tube
Right: CC cream spread out
Left: CC cream turning from green to brown
Right: CC cream completely spread out

The consistency is really runny and it leaks out of the tube when the lid is unscrewed. The green CC cream doesn't come in "shades" as it colour corrects and self adjusts to the colour of your skin. Unlike some BB creams, it didn't go orange which was really great.

This retails for $26.95 in Australia but I got mine for just over $18 as it was on sale. Priceline currently has this on sale for 30% off as part of their latest catalogue. If you miss out though, L'Oreal occasionally goes on sale at Target as well or you could wait for the next Priceline catalogue.

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Sunday 17 March 2013

Giveaway Update!

Update: I was out shopping the other day and I realised that I wanted to add to my giveaway :)
I know that I love giveaways that feature makeup and while I love body washes like the Philosophy set that's already up for this giveaway, I wanted to make sure that the winner got a few makeup items too :)

So, the items that are going to be added to this giveaway are:

1. Rimmel lipstick in Tell No One
2. Rimmel blush in Berry
3. Rimmel nail polish in Double Decker
4. Bourjois blush in Rose Frisson
5. Tarte LipSurgence Lip Tint in Elite
6. Rimmel Kate lipstick in 16
7. Deluxe sample sized Estee Lauder Idealist
8. Deluxe sample sized Benefit High Beam
9. Benefit BADgal mascara in brown

In addition to the Philosophy set that was the original giveaway prize:

Philosophy 'the cookbook' set

Entry is still through Rafflecopter and if you left a comment on the other post, that's fine. Your entries are still in Rafflecopter and I'll make sure that I don't delete your entries when I moderate them at the end. I'll also extend the giveaway out by a few days unless anyone has an issue with that :)

I also wanted to take the time to announce that I've also added Bloglovin onto my sidebar. I'm sure that you've heard by now that Google Reader is being phased out in a few months time so I know that people are currently finding other ways to follow blogs. I'd love if you could follow me through any of those platforms :) I believe you can import the blogs that you follow into Bloglovin. It's also really quick and easy to set up an account :)

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You can use this code to promote this giveaway on your blog's sidebar :)

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Anyway, good luck! and keep an eye out for my next post which is a review of the L'Oreal CC cream.

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Thursday 14 March 2013

Makeup haul show and tell time!

I haven't done a haul post in ages! I was going to separate this into 2 different posts but I felt that they would be too short by themselves so I've decided to combine them into this big haul post :)


Sephora Haul
I didn't get much from Sephora and I felt that I should've bought more to make the shipping worth it but nothing else really caught my eye. I made this order as I wanted to get the free Fresh Sugar lip balms/treatments.

NARS blush in Deep Throat
(oops the photo came out blurry)
1. NARS blush in Deep Throat ($29) - A friend of mine got this a few months ago and I'd been thinking about it ever since but every time that I added it to my shopping basket, I'd take it out as I have a practically brand new MAC palette that cost me a bomb. I gave in though as NARS blushes last forever so I won't use it until I've made a little bit of a dent in my MAC palette :)

YSL glossy stains in 27 and 12
2. YSL Glossy Stains ($34 each) - If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that I love YSL Glossy Stains. I picked up another 2 colours this time and I'm super stoked with them :) I got number 12 (coril fauve) and number 27 (Peche Cerra-Cola) which I don't think is available in Australia.


Tarte LipSurgence Lip Tints
I bought this from eBay but had it shipped to Hop Shop Go to forward it to me as the seller didn't do international shipping. I think it was about $37 for all 5 and $3 or $4 for shipping to Hop Shop Go who then consolidated it with my Sephora order to save me shipping costs.

Now, there's a bit of a story as to why all 5 of them are the exact same shade. I bought a Tarte Lipsurgence Lip Tint in Elite off eBay awhile back and I absolutely loved it so I decided to keep an eye out on eBay for any good deals so that I could buy a backup. They normally cost around $17 or so to ship just one of them to Australia so when I saw a seller selling 5 of them in one lot for $37, I thought why not and I bought 5 back ups. I had a look through the seller's selling history and it seems like they'd bought multiple packs of the Tarte sets (they were available around Christmas at Sephora) and split them up so that they sold the colours together. I'm not sure why they would do that but I'm not complaining as I got an absolute bargain!


I went past the Priceline store today at Sydney's Central Station and I couldn't resist popping in for a visit. One thing that I've noticed about this store is that they sticky tape everything! On one hand, I feel good knowing that no one's opened my nail polish or lipstick and tested it but on the other hand, I hate that sticky residue they leave when you peel the sticky tape off.

Party Feet
1. Party Feet Heel Shields and Sore Spots: These were 2 for $15 so I picked them up as I'm going on a cruise in 2 weeks and every time I wear Party Feet invisible gels in my heels, my feet actually last the night!

Australis High Lights and Curve Ink Eyeliner
2. Australis High Lights ($14.95) in Pearl and eyeliner ($14.95): I bought this to add to a swap that I'm the middle of doing. Priceline had a "spend $25 or more and get a free Curve Ink eyeliner" promotion so I got the eyeliner for free!

Australis nail polishes
3. Australis Nail Glitter Top Coat ($7.95) and Australis Crystal Colours Top Coat ($8.95) - These are also for a swap that I'm doing, although the glitter top coat looks really nice so I'm tempted to keep it for myself :)

L'Oreal CC cream
4. L'Oreal CC cream ($26.95 but was on sale for 30% off at $18.86) - I wasn't planning on buying this but when I got to the register, I was suckered into trying to find something for $11 (or more) so that I could get the free goodie bag with purchases over $50. I ran around the store and I was going to get the BB powder but they only had light shades left so I decided to get this as I've never tried a CC cream before. This is one of the only times that I've bought something before reading reviews on it but I won't open it until I do so that if I decide to return it, I'll be able to.

Free Goodie Bag

Inside the goodie bag
The goodie bag was a mystery bag so I didn't get to see what was inside before I got it. It was just a nappy, some vitamins, a blister patch and.. not much really. I probably wouldn't have tried to spend over $50 if I'd known what I would get.

However, I did find one goodie inside that excited me :)

Maybelline Shine Sensational Lip Gloss
Maybelline Shine Sensational Lip Gloss in Peach Sorbet - I've never tried this before but it's a great substitution for the Covergirl WetSlicks Fruit Spritzer that I've wanted to try for awhile.

Tuesday 12 March 2013

First box launched by Her Fashion Box!

I came home today to my 'Her Fashion Box' box and I wanted to do a very quick post to show you what was in it. Please excuse the poor photos as I only just got home and it's about 11.30pm at the moment so there's no sun for good lighting :P

I'm also meant to be doing my uni homework right now so it's going to be a little rushed. I hope that you'll at least get an idea of what to expect from Her Fashion Box and whether or not it's worth the money.

Her Fashion Box box's are larger than other sample boxes like Bellabox and Lust Have It! It's a black box that's really sturdy and it'll be really good to use for storage purposes.

Inside packaging.
So inside the box, there are a mix of fashion items and beauty samples of decent sizes.

I chose the Feminine box and the accessories were a bib necklace and a hair tie. They're probably things that I wouldn't necessarily purchase for myself but they're of good quality and I'll definitely try to incorporate it into an outfit. The bib necklace is pretty heavy but very sturdy and the hair tie is really cute :)

Bib Necklace
Hair Tie
Unlike Bellabox and Lust Have It! who print all their product information onto a single sheet of cardboard, Her Fashion Box sends out a magazine which was really impressive. It looks really professional and there's information inside about the beauty products and ideas about how to style your fashion piece.


And onto the rest of the box:

Beauty Products
Moxie trial pack

- Sample sizes of the new Redken Diamond Oil Range shampoo, conditioner and hair mask.
- Full sized Maybelline New York Colour Sensational High Shine Lip Gloss in Glisten Up Pink (RRP $15.95)
- Full sized Dean Nixon eyeshadow brush (RRP $30!)
- Full sized Circa Home everyday soap (RRP $9.95)

Are you impressed by what Her Fashion Box has offered us this month? I think that it's definitely value for money as I only paid $24.95 for this box (I used one of their 50% off codes that were available for the first box). They were originally $49.95/box but the price has since been brought down to $39.95/box.

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Saturday 9 March 2013

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine

I picked up 2 of the Chanel Rouge Coco Shines about a month ago and I've been using them for long enough to make up my mind about whether or not I like them. I raved about these on Twitter (follow me at @jjjwei) and I love them! They're not my Holy Grail lip product but they're so good that I'm considering getting some of the other colours too :)

Top of the lids
Black lipstick tubes with a gold band

In terms of packaging, they do attract dust quite easily and look quite boring. They're a simple black tube with a gold band around the middle. It's just your standard twist up tube. They look quite boring next to YSL or Dior lipsticks :P

To me, the Coco Shines are basically just tinted lip balms which is why I love them as they're like lipsticks without the maintenance! Although they have a small amount of glitter in them, the Coco Shines are still smooth and buttery to apply. I've read lots of reviews where people have said that they're happy to apply these without a mirror but I disagree! I feel like I need a mirror to make sure that I don't get it everywhere but once it's on, I don't have to worry about it getting on my teeth or it fading unevenly.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Aventure

Chanel Coco Rouge Shine in Liberte
Aventure and Liberte
I have the colours Aventure and Liberte which were actually really strange colours for me to pick for myself. Aventure is a standard, ordinary pink with gold glitter and I normally wouldn't buy as it isn't anything "special" and I would shy away from gold glitter but I just couldn't put it down. I do sort of regret buying it though as there were other colours that I also wanted that were more unique.

On the other hand, Liberte is a colour that I would buy over and over again. In the past, I would never have bought any lip product that was remotely orange but I decided to take a chance with it as I realised that orange is actually really flattering on my lips (so long as it's sheer of course) as it shows up very pink and natural.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Liberte

Now onto the scent... it has a very very strong floral scent and I have a bad habit of breathing through my mouth sometimes (it makes my mouth really dry) so I can always "taste" it. It's not that pleasant at first but it's really easy to get used to and it's definitely something that I can overlook as I LOVE the colour Liberte so much.

They last about 1-2 hours before the gloss wears off and they definitely don't last through a meal. However, I've found that they do stain a little bit so that even when the gloss wears off, the colour is still there which is a bonus!

Although I love these, there are definitely cheaper "drugstore" alternatives like the Maybelline coloured baby lips. I wouldn't purchase Aventure again but I would definitely repurchase Liberte.


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