Friday 21 September 2012

September Wish list

My September wish list is a bunch of stuff I've been going crazy over for a little while now. I've been obsessing over palettes since I saw the NARS foreplay and NARS Joie de Vivre palettes.

Unfortunately the Joie de Vivre palette is sold out :( There's one on eBay for about twice the RRP which is absurd but it was a limited edition so won't come back in stock again. If anyone is selling their Joie de Vivre palette, let me know!

Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway. If there are more than 100 entries by the end, I'll do another one (and it'll be bigger!).

Giveaway link:

September wish list:

NARS Joie de Vivre Palette: Sold out!! :(

MAC 6 Pan Blush Palette (customised): I'm a sucker for anything pink.
It costs $118 in the US but over double that here!

DuWop Reverse Lip Liner: A clear lip liner so you don't
have to buy numerous ones to match your lipsticks.

Makeup storage box: Why are these so expensive?!

Sleek i-Divine Au Naturel Palette: A nude eyeshadow
palette for only $10 :)


  1. Replies
    1. Hopefully a similar one will come out again :)

  2. The lip liner looks awesome! Also, I feel ridiculously sad that we don't have Muji in Australia - they sell the cheap version of the makeup storage boxes.

    Also, a quick tip: please turn off the CAPTCHA! I - and almost everyone else - hate it because it's annoying and time consuming when I just want to comment! There's no nice way of putting this, but since your blog isn't that popular yet, your chances of people spamming is unlikely.

    1. I gave myself a day to think about the lipliner but when I wanted to buy it, beautybay had sold out!

      Thanks for the tip :) I had no idea we could even turn it off! I've been coming across it on everyone else's page and it's such a pain.

  3. i want the makeup box too! however its so pricey for 100+ :(
    but then again it looks super pretty!

    and the nars palette is full of useable colours :D

    1. There's a cheaper version from Officeworks for about $17. It's meant to be for document storage :P

      I wish the NARS palette wasn't sold out!

  4. eeeek I Love Nars.roll on pay day!x

  5. Sleek palette! =) I love Au Naturel! It's affordable and quality is awesome!



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