Friday 16 November 2012

Blog Swap with Abby from Shrinking Wallet

Sorry for the lack of posts! I'm still in the middle of my uni exams but I finish up next Friday so I'll have heaps of time to do posts after that. I'll try to post a lot and you'll probably get sick of me! :P

In the meantime, I noticed on my giveaway page, people are commenting that they really like to see haul posts. Is that for real? I feel like people are writing that just for the sake of having something to write in the comments for entries but if people actually like them.. I have 1 or 2 haul posts that I can do. After that, I probably won't have any for ages as I'm currently trying to save money.... there's boxing day sales to save for!

I also just want to point you in the direction of Abby's blog, Shrinking Wallet. I approached her around the beginning of November as I wanted to do a Christmas blog swap with someone and she's my favourite blogger (her writing style is so easy to read and makes you laugh). I sent her package off on Thursday and being that we're both from Sydney, she got it today :)

Our limit was $20.... but I knew that she liked nail polish and was really into pastels at the moment so I couldn't help but buy the entire Face of Australia Pastel Nail Polish range for her (it's ok! I shopped really smart and waited for a sale like a good shopaholic). Head over to her post here to read and see the photos of the package that I sent her :)

I'll show you what she got me when the postman comes this week :)

p.s. does anybody know how to stop under eye bags from showing up in photos? I look like I was punched in the right eye :P (I also tend to half close my eyes when the flash goes off, making me look sleepy or drunk...)

Birthday celebrations!


  1. Thanks again Jenny!!! <3

    Do you normally use a concealer for your eye bags? If you don't, maybe use one and see if that helps. If not, then... I've got nothing :(

    1. No problem :) I don't use concealer under my eyes as I normally don't even notice them! They only show up in photos... but I'll give it a go!

  2. Definitely try a light reflecting concealer hun! Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat is lovely :D I got the most random comments on my giveaway, and spam entries too. Very very frustrating!

    1. I feel like the majority of my posts are haul posts so it was baffling to see all these comments asking for "more haul posts please!". I'm still trying to get through the spam entries from my last giveaway so I can draw a winner!

      Thanks for giving me an excuse to buy the YSL Touche Eclat :P I've been wanting it but didn't have an excuse to get it :P haha

  3. Haha I honestly do love looking at hauls! So more more more ;)
    (Especially since I learnt about Price USA from you... so I kinda want to steal your ideas on what you buy!)
    How super sweet of you to buy Abby the entire collection! :D I bet she's thrilled!

    1. I actually have a secret love of looking at other people's hauls too :) Always makes me feel like I'd just been shopping too :P

      I'm putting up a post about my Urban Decay hauls next week when my exams are over. Other than that, I primarily order from MAC, Sephora and Benefit.. I LOVE my Make Up For Ever Full Cover concealer (from Sephora).

  4. Don't look directly at the camera - rather a bit above (at the top of the photographers head) and maybe a lihjt reflective concelear/powder? That helps me)) BTW super great parcel you sent to Abby

    1. I think I'm going to go buy the YSL Touche Eclat! I finally have an excuse to get it :P

      Thanks. I love doing swaps!



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