Friday 7 June 2013

What's in my bag?

...... enough junk to open a shop :P

I'm a super duper nosey person and I love seeing what's in other people's bags. I think I spend way too much time on Youtube searching for "what's in my bag" videos. I did one of these posts last year but I've since changed bags and I carry a lot of different things now. Consider yourself warned, there's a lot of photos :) and please excuse the messy background...

I'm currently using a Mimco mini turnlock bag. I got this on sale for about $160 (reduced from about $425). My last bag (a Longchamp tote) lasted me for 2 years but the leather on this one is starting to crack and it's kind of getting really dirty now.

Current day bag
In the 2 side pockets, I keep my Chanel card holder with my most used cards (train tickets, store loyalty cards, credit cards etc) and some of my most used makeup.

Chanel Card holder

Side pocket 2

Makeup in side pocket 2
Makeup in the side pockets:

- MAC brow pencil in Linger: I absolutely love this! I can't live without it :P
- Maybelline eyeliner
- MAC brow set in clear: If anyone knows of a cheaper dupe of this.. I'd love to know :)
- Benefit They're real mascara sample
- Australis eyeliner
- Bare Minerals primer sample: In case I run out of my normal primer

- Multi 2 ticket: I always keep a spare ticket handy so that I don't get caught out and have to wait in line to buy a ticket at the train station
- Bare Minerals foundation sample
- Nurofen
- Nivea lip butter

- Assortment of lip products and Liole bb cream samples
- Hair ties and lash cards since I'm hopeless at applying mascara properly :P

The mimco bag has a main compartment inside and it's FULL of makeup too :/ I seriously have a problem...

Inside the Mimco bag
I always have a MAC blot powder pressed compact as I use the mirror to do my makeup in the morning. I'm one of those people who do their makeup on the train and I know that I must annoy a lot of people but like... if it annoys you to see people doing makeup on the train, just look the other way! It's not like I'm eating a smelly fish curry or listening to music loudly... I'm perfectly avoidable :)

I alos have my 3 concealers in this compartment. The Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer is my holy grail concealer and I use 2 different shades (7 and 8) depending on how tanned my skin is. I actually haven't used the other MUFE concealer but it's an under eye one that's apparently really good.

Daily makeup essentials
I also have this little makeup bag that was primarily used for the Crabtree & Evelyn rosewater hand cream. Am I the only person that has trouble with hand cream tubes splitting? I've had Jurlique and Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream tubes split and leak before so I didn't want to take a chance with this. I've also got an Illamasqua foundation that's new which I got on sale for $15 :D and 3 lip products that I'm currently trying out at the moment (Maybelline vivids lipsticks and a Clinique chubby stick).

Small makeup bag
And then I have 2 Mimco pouches that hold cards and receipts and stuff. I only need one but I didn't know what to do with the other one so I kind of just use both now... I got both on sale for about $15 each. The mint coloured one was really hard to find but I found one in the city and had it transferred to my local store. The sales girl couldn't believe that I managed to get one as I believe they sold out pretty quickly. The tube of QV cream has been in my bag for months now and I still haven't opened it.. not sure why I'm still carrying it around.

Mimco pouches

QV cream
And if you've stuck around this far... there's only a few more things left :) I have a Country Road makeup bag with a tonne of lip products inside. I used to carry around a lot more but I culled about 60% of them. Some of these lip products are favourites of mine and others are some that I'm testing out and I haven't made up my mind on them yet (like the Max Factor lip pencils).

Country Road Makeup Bag
Top right hand photo:

- Models Prefer lip pencil
- Tarte lipsurgence in elite
- 2 x Dior lipsticks
- 2 x Max Factor lip pencils

Bottom right hand photo:

- OCC lip tar in Queen
- Limecrime lipstick in Geradium
- MAC lipstick in RiRi Woo
- MAC lipstick in Chatterbox
- Chanel rouge coco shine in liberte
- Lancome eyeliner

And finally.... I have a YSL makeup bag (came free in a christmas makeup gift set from David Jones) which is also filled with (surprise, surprise) makeup.

YSL makeup bag

Contents of YSL makeup bag
This bag has the face products that I carry around.

- Dior BB cream (haven't tried it yet. Need to test it out at home to make sure that it doesn't turn orange on me!)
- Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation (a possible holy grail item)
- Lancome highlighter
- TheBalm Frat Boy blush
- NARS Deep Throat blush
- The Body Shop Lily Cole blush

And that's finally it :)

No I don't get a chance to use all the makeup and I have no idea why I carry it around with me everywhere for. I think I just want to feel prepared for any situation. My bag is ridiculously heavy and I have a feeling that I'll be culling more stuff soon (Update: I've culled about half of the makeup out of my bag!). I also realised that I forgot to take a photo of my keys :P My house keys are on a huge and obnoxious Tweety keychain :P

If you've done any what's in my bag posts before, please link them to me as I'd love to read them :)


  1. Damn girl, I'm pretty sure you have more makeup on-the-go than I have altogether! Haha! I love your bag :)

    1. haha thanks :) I love my bag too :) It's one of the best that I've ever had!

  2. HOMG that's a crazy amount of makeup to carry around. I'm surprised it doesn't hurt your shoulder. ;D


    1. It did :P Which is why I've started to clear some of it out.

  3. You carry quite a bit of makeup :O
    It's great your bag can fit so much!

    1. Yeh I do... but I've started to cull it!

  4. How the heck do you find such amazing Mimco sales?! And I completely agree with the hand cream tubes splitting- the Crabtree and Evelyn Hand Therapy tubes are the worst! I haven't tried the MAC brow set but I use the Ardell Brow Sculpting Gel and it works really well- good hold without leaving brows hairs feeling crunchy or funky at all. I do makeup on the train/bus a lot of the time- nowhere near as big a stash as you though...

    1. I'm always on the lookout for sales ;) Thanks for the recommendation! I get the MAC brow set for about $16 from the US so anything cheaper than that is an option for me :)

  5. You should change to be the makeup queen! I can imagine if you were around me you'd have something to fix every beauty crisis I'd have to deal with in freshening up. Very impressive! But Oh be kind to your shoulder, you'd want a good many years with it yet... :)

    1. Haha yep! I feel like I need to be prepared for every situation :P and I'm really trying to make my bag lighter! I already do that weird hunched "one shoulder up, one shoulder down" thing when I'm standing without my bag :P

  6. That is a lot of makeup! It's not often that you see girls doing makeup on the train/bus here in Sydney but in Japan they spend 5 minutes applying each product. It was the longest and most awkward train ride for me cause it was hard not to stare LOL.

    1. haha I try to be fast! but I spend about 15 minutes doing concealer and eyebrows :P In my defence, I have a whole face to conceal! haha

  7. OMG!I wanted to get that mimco turnlock bag (but in black). It kept selling out so I gave up on it, and set my hopes and dreams for something else (more expensive...).

    Can't believe how much makeup you cart around with you! The only makeup I bring is a lipbalm, lipstick and a gloss. But I never touch up during the day so that's just dead weight for me.

    1. I love mimco bags! I can't believe that you don't carry makeup with you! What happens when you're in an emergency? :P

  8. I loove your bag, so big & roomy! If I had something that big it wouldn't take long to fill up with junk haha. The side pockets are perfect for keeping your most used items. So much makeup to carry!! But good on you for cleaning it out :)
    Beauty For Thought

    1. It's actually their mini bag haha but it fits so much stuff!

  9. I LOVE Mimco and have three Mimco bags that I rotate between. I thought I carried a lot of makeup in mine but you take the cake lol.

    1. haha yeh I know I carry too much stuff with me! I love Mimco bags too :)

  10. Wooooooow that's a LOT! I thought I was bad haha! And oh gosh your bag is so cute!

    1. Thanks! I love Mimco bags! They're all so cute haha

  11. I usually carry almost the same. You never know when you'll need to refresh or do your makeup all over again;) great post!

  12. Hi! I'd love to buy the black mimco patent leather pouch? Any way that I could contact you?



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