Friday, 28 June 2013

I got featured!

Candice from YouReview contacted me recently and asked if she could feature me on her blog as part of her "Behind the Blog series". Of course I said yes as I love her blog and I love her honest opinions in her posts. I answered a few questions for her and she posted them on her blog. Please click on the photo below and check it out :) Please follow her and show her some support as I think that this is an amazing series that she's doing and she's featured a lot of amazing bloggers!


  1. Thanks a bunch Jen! It was SO lovely to feature you !

  2. Very exciting, congrats hun :)

  3. congrats on getting featured :)

  4. Congratulations! It's a great interview. I'm half Chinese and can speak Shanghainese too and I can totally relate to you with looks and responses people give you! I think most people only think of Mandarin when they think languages spoken in China and explaining it will only confuse them more, as I've learnt!

  5. Thats great, congrats! I will be really happy, extremly happy if you will join my first contest on my blog, there you can win clothes from online shop, I will be verry happy if you will join it. Have a beatifull day! :)



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