Friday 26 October 2012

Crabtree & Evelyn Wisteria Hand Cream Review

Quick review:

I've been using a Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream recently as I've been trying to use up the 5 that I have lying around unopened.

The one that I have going at the moment is the Wisteria hand cream in a small 25 gram size.

Crabtree & Evelyn
Wisteria Hand Cream

It has a strong floral smell that lingers so if you're not a fan of strong smells, I'd stay away from this. However, it's very light and moisturising so I only need a small amount each time to cover both hands.

Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Cream

I find that the lid is sometimes hard to put back on when my hands have been freshly moisturised. The lid is a screw on and if you don't wipe the edges clean after every use, it's very likely that it'll become gunky and gross around the lid area like how the testers in the stores always look like.

Opening of the tube

There's a range of hand creams at Crabtree & Evelyn so if you're not a fan of floral smells, they also have ones like Pomegranate. The price starts from $20 for a 50mL tube but you can also get value packs with 25mL or 50mL tubes.


  1. Love this<3 The scent can be a little strong sometimes but, it's the only thing that can actually hydrate my dry hands during the winter time~


    1. I love Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream! I've got so many to get through right now :)

  2. Love the name, reminds me of desperate housewives! lol. I used to love crabtree and evelyn, I should try their products again :)

    1. Haha it does doesn't it! I loved that show so much :)

  3. I love the smells of their products :D

  4. I have the Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream in lavender which I quite like, though lately I've been favouring Sally Hansen Radiant Hands, Nails & Cuticles Creme. But C&E have really lovely packaging and scents!

    1. I love Crabtree & Evelyn and can't pass up their hand creams!



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