Friday 12 October 2012

Makeup storage and shopping ban

I found these beauties from a youtube video and ended up buying 2 for myself.

They're the clear Keji desktop drawer filers and some beauty bloggers have been using them as a cheaper alternative to the makeup boxes that cost over $100 each. I had to stack a 4 drawer one on top of a 5 drawer one as I didn't realise that they would take up so much room but I really love having it.

2 Keji blocks stacked on top of each other
I'm in the process of moving all my makeup out of my bedside table and into this storage space. It actually looks better when they're not stacked on top of each other but at the moment, I don't have room to separate the two. There are grooves underneath the drawers so that they lock in together and there's no risk of the top one toppling over.

However, as I'm slowly moving all my makeup into these drawers, I've realised that I'm really wasteful and have way too much stuff!

I started to move some of my lip products
into this drawer.

Some of my eyeliners and mascaras

I know that I actually have a very small collection compared to most people but I still can't believe that I've been buying stuff when I already have similar things at home.

So far I've counted, 8 opened eyeliners and 3 opened mascaras. The worst bit is that they're all black! I don't have 8 different coloured eyeliners opened, I have 8 black ones when I only need one!

So from today, I've decided that:

1. I'm not allowed to buy any eyeliners or mascaras until I finish the ones I have.
2. I'm not allowed to buy any skincare until I finish ALL of the bottles I have already. This means that I won't need to buy skincare until at least next year.
3. I'm not allowed to buy hand cream until I finish the 5 hand creams that I have unopened.
3. I am not allowed to buy any foundation or concealer at all as I've already found my Holy Grails (Bourjois healthy mix in 53 and Make Up For Ever concealer)
4. I'll implement a 'one in, one out' rule for my lip products. So if I can't finish one, I'm not allowed to buy another.

The only exception is that I can buy the 2 Bourjois blushes that I had already planned to buy (although I'm now considering buying only one).

I know that I'll probably slip up but I have a few packages coming to me from the US (I've paid for it already so I can't exactly throw it away or anything :P) so I'm hoping that they'll keep me from being tempted to buy makeup!


  1. The drawers look great.....and good luck with your spending ban.. ;-)

  2. that would be so difficult to tell yourself 'must not buy' xo

    1. haha I tell myself that everyday but I don't listen!

  3. you call that a "small" collection then you should probably see mine. Mine is extremely few, my collection can fit just 2 of these type of drawers~ goodluck on the shopping ban because I always said that but end out doing the complete opposite..lolz ^_~

    1. Thanks for the support! I always put myself on shopping bans but I always break them so this time I put some rules on it :)

  4. Maybe this will inspire me to stop purchasing! I have an 8 drawer huge Ikea thing for make-up, it's not full though. Not that crazy... yet!

    1. I think that setting rules is easier than a complete ban. I'm still allowed to buy bronzers as I only have 2-3 (I'm super picky!) but no eye products for me!

  5. My god lol. I think I'll need something very similar! But heaps, heaps smaller than that. I wonder if they have one hmmm

    Looks like a shopping ban will be good for you lol

  6. Good luck with the ban, I am doing one too :) I own more lip products than I can ever use :(

  7. Wish I'd seen these clear drawers before I bought my black ones - well done :-) They're a great incentive to sort things out, and when everything's in the one place, yep, it's a bit scary to see how much there is. Best wishes for the ban Jen :-)

  8. I think every makeup junkie has way to much, we just can't help it lol!!

  9. That's quite a rough ban but if you're able to stick to it, or stick to it "for the most part" you'll be doing great!

  10. That's a really good alternative to the expensive acrylic makeup storage drawers!

    I also know what you mean in regards to the opened eyeliners and mascaras.. I have a tiny drawer full of both that are opened, and a whole heap unopened.. I'm a sucker for mascaras, but since I use them almost everyday and use about 2-3 different mascaras at a time, I think it sort of makes it ok? :P



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