Wednesday 13 February 2013

Bellabox February 2013

This post is going to be really short and sweet as I don't have much to say about the box. I'm also sorry about the bad photos as I really wanted to get this post up but it was dark by the time I got home.

Anyway, you'll see that I don't have that much to say about the box because I'm not terribly impressed. This is my last month with Bellabox as I was over the whole "beauty sample boxes" thing months ago but I always got suckered back into Bellabox or Lust Have It! I've actually signed up with a fashion box 'Her Fashion Box' which launches this month so I'll be doing a review on that when I get it.

Firstly, I know that beauty boxes are probably at the mercy of the beauty companies that they're partnered with. I don't know for sure but they probably get sent the samples and do their best with what they're given. Also, they can't please everyone as they obviously have a lot of subscribers but in my case, I've found that I've never used any of the samples that I've gotten and I've mostly given them away or they're sitting in a drawer so it's time to give up the $15/month subscriptions and save my money.

My February Bellabox contained:

February Bellabox
1. U Skin Solutions Clean and Go Exfoliating Gel Cleanser (about $1.20. There was no size listed on the jar but it was probably about 5mL) - The pot wasn't filled up so I don't think it can even cover my face.. or if it can, I'll only get one use out of it so I'll never really know if I like it or not.

2. Banana Boat Sport SPF 30+ Sunscreen ($1.10) - This is a sachet and like everyone else, I can't stand sachets. This would be handy to take to the beach so that I wouldn't have to lug a bottle around but.. it's too small for my body. I'll be able to test it out on my face and neck so I won't need to worry about trying to "save" leftover product in the sachets because there won't be any.

3. Batiste Dry Shampoo ($3.30) - I don't use dry shampoo so I'll be giving this away to one of the girls at work.. Batiste must never make any money if they're always giving them away! I swear I've collected so many.

4. John Frieda Frizz-Ease Dream Curls Curl Perfecting Spray ($2.60) - I have dead straight hair and I never curl it so this will be given away too.

5. Fing'rs Nail Makeup ($9.95) - These are nail stickers that would only look good on a 5 year old. I'm too embarrassed to give them away.

6. Eye of Horus Eyeliner in Charcoal Obsidian Goddess Pencil ($30) - I was really excited to get this as I know that some people got the bronze one which I really wanted but then I found out that mine was black. I was still pretty happy as I just finished 2 eyeliners but I put it on and... there's silver glitter in it. BUT I was still happy since I could test the eyeliner out and buy the other one if I liked the formula... but then I found out that it was $30 which is more than I've spent on any eyeliner before. Luckily for me, the eyeliner doesn't last more than 30 minutes on my eyes before it fades and needs to be redone so I won't be buying it.

That's all I really have to say about Bellabox this month. The overall value was about $48.15 but there is no way that any sane person would pay $30 for that eyeliner. I don't think that I ever really complain too much about what I get since it's all about trialling new products but this is such a dud box.

Did you get a better box?


  1. Got the exact same box but with the bronze eyeliner. I think I'm going to unsubscribe! :(

  2. Wow, cool..
    beauty box in my country until now didn't launch :(

  3. That is a disappointing box...
    Unsubscribing is a good idea. I think they'll lose a lot of subscribers this month!

  4. I was so disappointed when I opened this! After last month, I was already thinking about unsubscribing, but now I think I really have to. I do understand that yes, they are at the mercy of their partner companies like you mentioned, but I see some other boxes that have amazing goodies in them, yet I always seem to get the "bad" box :(


  5. That's a shame you were disappointed! I'm still waiting on my box but would be pretty happy with this selection if it's what I get - go through dry shampoo like nothing else and loved my last Eye of Horus liquid eyeliner so looking forward to trying this one out...

  6. I got the same one. I got the bronze eyeliner though and I love it. I also got newspaper design nail stickers which I love too! I would have been annoyed if I got the design you got though. The other things I'm not that keen on. I liked it but this is only my third box. Im hearing from people who have been subscribed for while that they have received batiste so many times though.

  7. I totally agree with what you said, those nail stickers look pretty tacky. I got that dry shampoo in my David Jones Tote!



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