Saturday 16 February 2013

Valentines Day

I hope you guys all had a good Valentines day :) My boyfriend and I went out for dinner and I took the opportunity to take lots of photos. This is a pretty disjointed post as there isn't much to talk about but enjoy my amateur photos :)

He got me a Pandora Charm and made me a card :) It was a pop up card but he didn't like the way it turned out so he would only let me take a photo of the front :P

Pandora must've made a killing over Valentines as every guy I knew was buying Pandora charms for their girlfriends/wives.

Pandora :)

Such cute wrapping!

Card made by my boyfriend

It was kind of warm on the day but it was still cool enough for me to wear one of my new Country Road oversized knit tops with jeans and flats :)

Country Road top

Country Road top and Ksubi jeans
And my new Mimco bag that I got on sale :)

Mimco Mini Turnlock Zip Top Bag

In the morning, I was going through some new posts from my favourite bloggers and I saw that Ingrid from In Glossy Beauty had some really cute heart shaped Krispy Kreme donuts so I made my boyfriend go Krispy Kreme chasing with me :P We got the Lovers Box even though he doesn't like Krispy Kremes but I think it was going to cost the same amount to buy the box as it was for me to buy just 4 Krispy Kremes. Yep.. I was going to eat 4 Krispy Kremes :P

Krispy Kreme Lovers Box
I ate 3 of the donuts in the car on the way to dinner :P My boyfriend was kind of disgusted as he eats pretty healthy in comparison to me but he knows that he can't stop me and my junk food.

We had dinner at the Black Angus Grill in Parramatta (NSW) and it was a really weird experience for me to sit on the sidewalk for dinner. It was one of those restaurants that had indoor and outdoor seating and it was in a pretty busy location so there were heaps of people walking around and every time people walked past, they would stare at you and/or your food.

Black Angus Bar Menu

He was being healthy and had salmon and salad. I was really full from the Krispy Kremes and the complimentary warm bread so I couldn't finish my "chargrilled warm haloumi stack".

And that's it :) We didn't do anything exciting as we're going on holidays soon. What did you do for Valentines Day?


  1. Ooo! I like your Mimco bag! So sweet of your bf to make you a card...

    I painted my nails for v-day... BF was at work, in the middle of his 4 day shift work, so we couldn't do anything. He asked me what I wanted to do, and I said I wanted to have a candlelit dinner at McDonalds... but I changed my mind the next day... wanted to do it at Hungry Jacks instead. lol

    1. LOL ABBY! I wish I'd thought of that :P we ended up eating KFC for dinner though hahaha :P

    2. hahah :P My boyfriend tries to stay away from Maccas but omg I love the fries! Are you doing anything later though?

  2. Cute handbag! omg those donuts!
    Aww nice card :)

  3. Loved your outfit! Luckily my boyfriend had the day off for Valentine's Day! He surprised me by leaving roses and a box of chocolates beside my bed, so when I woke up I would see them! When I did wake up, I could smell something yummy - he cooked me breakfast!
    Aside from the morning, we didn't do much else as unfortunately we found out some pretty upsetting family news :(

    But sounds like you and your man had a good day! I would find eating outside a bit weird too -__-"

    1. Oh no :( I hope all's ok or will be soon.

      I don't think he wanted to eat outside but I thought that it'd be nice... it probably would be on a Saturday or Sunday morning instead of peak hour on a weekday :P

  4. Those heart shaped KK donuts look yum! So sweet of your bf to give you a personalised card :)

    1. They were soooo good :) He's really sweet and always makes me a card for my birthday too :)

  5. Thanks so sweet of your boyfriend to make you a pop-up card! I have friends who can do that, and apparently there's a whole lot of calculations behind the design. :/
    Love your outfit and bag! I wish I was quick enough to find Mimco bargains.
    I spent Valentines with friends, eating leftover pasta and watching Bones. Fuuun. :p

    1. He was really sweet :) He always tries really hard with pop up cards as they can be a bit finicky and hard to get right.

      Mimco always have really good bargains online in their sale section :)

  6. I didn't do much for valentines, but those donuts look delicious!

  7. Those donuts look delish! Would have gone hunting for them on Vday if I was in Sydney too!

    x Gi



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