Monday 16 September 2013

Benefit Haul

I did a Benefit haul recently (you can read about it here) for some goodies for myself but then I decided to do another order as I needed to buy some birthday presents. Obviously, I didn't want to pay for shipping if I didn't have to, so I bought myself some more stuff in order to qualify for free shipping :)

Benefit Haul

Now onto the products:

1) Benefit Rockateur Blush US$28

This is Benefit's newest blush and I wanted to try it because I'd read reviews that said that it was softer in texture than the other Benefit blushes. I also didn't have a rose gold blush in my collection already so I was kind of curious. I know people who have done reviews on this blush and have been like "oh... Benefit have reduced the size of the blush but kept it at the same price" but seriously, does anyone actually often finish a blush..... or like ever? So does it really matter?....

I was planning on doing a review but this blush just doesn't photograph well as it's so sheer. I did a swatch on my arm using the brush it came with, a different blush brush and my fingers and it just wouldn't show up very well! It's a sheer but slightly build-able blush so it's noticeable when it's layered onto the cheeks but it's so annoying to photograph! I may still do the review...

Benefit Rockateur Blush
Here's an attempt at trying to swatch it:

Benefit Rockateur swatch

2+3) Benefit Hydra Smooth Lip Colours in Juicy Details (natural pink) and Tutti-Cutie (sheer coral) US$19 each

These are SO amazingly smooth! They just glide right across the lips and they're an absolute dream! I love these so much. Juicy Details is a medium coverage and Tutti-Cutie is very sheer. They're just amazing for a no-fuss lip product.

Benefit Hydra Smooth Lip Colours
Left to Right: Juicy Details and Tutti-Cutie

4) Benefit Dandelion blush US$28

I haven't actually used this one yet but I've been wanting it for like 2 years now but I could never justify buying it before. I'll let you know how I go with it :)

Benefit Dandelion Blush

What Benefit products should I try next?


  1. Oohh all the shades look so pretty :) I haven't had much experience with Benefit.

  2. Oh I love benefit Jen thank you they have the prettiest packaging :) oh I'll have to check out your blog sale :) thanks Connor

  3. Oh is that your blog sale or someone else's ? Connor

    1. Hi Connor, which blog sale are you talking about? I haven't done one in a long time.

    2. I think Connor means the "related posts" at the bottom of the page... an older blog sale pops up for some reason

  4. Great haul! Mine STILL hasn't arrived yet.. I have a fear that it's been lost in the mail! *Cries*

  5. Rockateur is so pretty! Shame that it is so sheer though.

    My last Benefit order arrived in a bit of a sad state...they were good enough to fix it up ASAP but it's made me a bit the posties play football with our parcels, do you think?!

  6. Great haul! I can't wait to show you mine as my goodies arrived not too long ago!
    Love to know how Dandelion turns out for you :)

  7. Awesome haul!!! :D I love how the pressed powder looks, it is almost a shame to use it! XD
    I just found your blog and am now following :D

  8. ooh, I've only ever used the They're Real mascara but am constantly crushing on so many of their products! love the Rockateur Blush :)

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  9. You do the best hauls, Jen!!! So envious! Wish I had the budget to do such awesome hauls.. I usually try to hide my beauty buys from my husband because he thinks it's such a waste of money!



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