Friday 20 September 2013

Her Fashion Box September Edition

I came home today to my Her Fashion Box subscription which was a really nice surprise as I didn't get the tracking email this week. I obviously opened it straight away and took photos so that I can share with you what I got :) I hope it'll be helpful to people who may want to sign up with Her Fashion Box or who want a sneak peek of their September box :)

Her Fashion Box September Magazine

Clutch: The clutch is definitely not my style but they've styled it really nicely in the magazine. It has a chain so that you can wear it. I wish I got the classic box because their clutch was black with gold studs.


Inside clutch

Silver Ring: Oh my gosh! The ring is absolutely gorgeous! I'm just really sad that it doesn't fit on any of my fingers as it's really big. I think it can be adjusted but I also have small fingers so it's still too big. Every box got this ring but in different colours.

Silver Bracelet: I kind of liked the bracelet but it reminds me of those really ghetto... masculine ID bracelets. Everyone also got this and in different colours. Apparently the colours we got were based on our profile but I swear I would've put gold before silver.

ID bracelet

Bracelet on arm

Pure Moisture Coconut Body Scrub: I love body scrubs and it's a really cute small size. It'd be enough for one use on the body so I think it should be popped in a drawer for when you go travelling.

Coconut Body Scrub

Maybelline Color Show Nail Polishes in Coral Crush and Blue Freeze: This was probably the best part of the box! The nail polish colours are absolutely gorgeous. I've heard a lot of good things about the Maybelline nail polishes! (and they keep going half price at Priceline and Chemist Warehouse!)

LonVitalite facial mask, Designer Brands Chubby Pencil and Eyeliner: I'm not a huge fan of LonVitalite or Designer brands. I'm pretty certain that I've gotten LonVitalite facial masks in other beauty boxes before and I remember being really put off by the poor english writing on the packaging. I felt like it wasn't a trustworthy brand. I also don't like Designer Brands as I've tried their eyeliners before and haven't liked it. In saying that though, the chubby pencil is a really gorgeous nude pink shade :)

I think that despite me not liking some of the box (but that's the nature of subscription boxes!), it's well worth the money. I wish that I'd gone with the classic box (for the clutch) and gotten gold or rose gold jewellery instead of silver. I do love the concept of Her Fashion Box and I'm looking forward to seeing what they bring out in the coming months :)

Now for some exciting news, I'm heading to IMATS in Sydney tomorrow and I'll definitely be blogging about it as it's my first time going. As I'm going to be lucky enough to buy some goodies there, I feel like I might accidentally neglect the Her Fashion Box that I've just reviewed so I've decided to give it away to one of my readers. Just leave a comment saying what you liked most about the box (and your email address) and I'll choose a winner in 1 week :)

Let me know if you're also going to IMATS tomorrow (Tweet me! @jjjwei). It'd be nice to see some friendly faces there :)

Edit: The winner is Michelle! Congrats :) I've emailed you.


  1. Have a brilliant time at IMATS! Just imagining all the makeup there makes me excited, and I'm not even going! Like you, I really like the look of that coral polish by Maybelline. Beeeautiful!

  2. Omg it's so lovely Jen :) I will be entering and maybe sign up for that box it adorable :) Connor

  3. Oh sorry I forgot to say I love everything about the box but mostly I would love to try the coconut scrub sounds yummy and I love coconut :) and following you everywhere now :)

  4. Omg sorry email is - -

  5. There are some great things in this box! I love the clutch, but would love to try the chubby pencil - especially since it's a nude pink shade because that's my favourite!


  6. Looks like some awesome products <3
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  7. The box looks good, but sorry that there were so muany things that weren't quite the right fit for you. Enjoy IMATS! I will be checking back for your blog post!

  8. i adore the clutch bag it would go so perfectly with the dress i brought for a function im going to in november! how disappointing that its not your style, i actually love everything in it!

  9. Decent box overall! Have a great time at IMATS!
    The clutch really stood out for me; the navy colour looks simply stunning :)

  10. Wow! What a great box. I've never heard of it before. I actually like everything you received :)


  11. Wow I can't wait mine!

  12. The ring is gorgeous and I actually like the clutch too :) I don't think I've tried any DB stuff, but I have heard that some of it is a bit hit and miss. The chubby pencil colour does look nice. Enjoy IMATS :)

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  13. This box looks amazing! :) I love that coral shade of nail polish, its gorgeous :)


  14. I actually love that clutch! I feel like it can go with a lot of party outfits and it's just so adorable!!!


  15. Definitely the clutch, its gorgeousss :)

  16. i keep coming back and looking at the clutch! its just so beautiful!

  17. Hey Jen,

    I saw your blog a little while ago and prompted me to sign up - I'm so excited to receive my first box but unfortunately I missed out by a couple of days and have to wait for another month :(...

    Anyway, I have a pair of heels at home that I have NEVER worn because I can't seem to ever accesorise the outfit properly, but that clutch would work perfectly with them! So really, you'd be doing a gorgeous pair of shoes a favor. (Shoes should never be locked up) And the chubby pencil is gorgeous!..

    Anyway - Keep up the great work!


  18. oh - my email just in case

  19. Thankyou so much! Very Excited



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