Sunday 3 November 2013

October Favourites!

I'M BACK! I know I haven't been blogging much lately but I have a really good excuse! I've been sick for a week with gastro (stomach bug) and it's been showing no signs of easing up so I haven't been in the mood to be on my laptop or getting out of bed unless I have to. I was basically getting fevers and really bad stomach pains whenever I ate anything so after sucking it up for 5 days, I finally went to the doctor who diagnosed me. I'm not a fan of taking medicine (I'm really forgetful!) so I was basically just napping after every meal to distract myself from the pain. It's also made me really tired so I've been sleeping a lot too.

As well as not blogging, I haven't even had the energy to read other blogs! The thing that's brought me back though is all the October favourites posts. I LOVE favourites posts and I always look forward to reading them :) So I have a lot of reading to catch up on and here's my October favourites (by the way, I'll be drawing my blogiversary giveaway winner when I'm a bit better).

October Favourites!

1. Hakuhodo retractable slanted face brush: I'm not actually sure if that's the name but they don't put the model numbers or names on the brushes. The plastic casing is really cheap looking (and scratches easily) but the actual hairs on the brush are so so soft and it makes applying bronzer really easy.

2. Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer: I've been loving this primer for when I need my makeup to last all day. It can seriously keep foundation on my face for over 12 hours. The consistency is similar to Benefit's Porefessional.

3. Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer in number 7: If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you'd know that this is my absolute favourite concealer! I have about 6 tubes of this at the moment because I love it so much!.

4. Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner: Unfortunately, Priceline no longer stocks Prestige so I can't stock up on this :( It's an amazing eyeliner for tight lining and it doesn't smudge at all. I have super oily eyelids and whenever I use this, it stays put.

5. NARS Deep Throat Blush: I rediscovered this blush this month after not using it for a little while. I forgot how natural this blush looks on me!.

The movies that I put my makeup on in the photo above were a really good bargain at Coles. I got The Help for $9 and Couples Retreat for $5. I absolutely LOVE The Help and it's one of those books where I actually liked the movie as well. If you haven't seen it, it's definitely worth watching although I think that you should definitely read the book first.


  1. LOVE the Help sooo much! Emma Stone is so gorgeous x

  2. Hope you're feeling better! :(

    I love that Hourglass primer! I went and purchased the full size one from Sephora when I had the 10% discount a couple of weeks ago. It's currently sitting with hopshopgo, as I might get it shipped to my bf's serviced apartment when he goes to the states! Hope you've been writing a wishlist ;)

  3. Haven't seen the movie, but absolutely LOVED the book! Nars Deep Throat has been a favourite for over a year now! Love it!

    Ms Jelena xx |

  4. The eyeliner sounds pretty good! I know of a few Pricelines that still have Prestige, so I might pick some up the next time I'm in the area!

  5. I need to try that concealer! Nice faves :)

  6. Nice favourites hun! I hope you start feeling better soon, you poor thing! Sounds like a horrible sickness :(

  7. I want to try the concealer.



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