Wednesday 6 November 2013

Urban Decay Lipstick in Catfight and rant about samples

Ever since the new Urban Decay lipsticks were released, I'd been dying to try them. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a mini sample one to try and I'm happy that I did as I absolutely loved the formula. I've loved it so much that I've actually gone on to buy a full sized one. I think that this is a great example of how samples can really influence people to buy products. I often get turned down by sales assistants if I enquire about samples which usually means that I don't get to try the products so I never end up buying them. I understand if there actually aren't any samples but most sales assistants are quite rude and abrupt about it.

It's not that I'm walking up to them and asking for samples outright. Whenever I got to makeup counters to buy stuff, the sales assistants will always try to recommend something else (which is their job I guess) and if it's something that I haven't researched about before, I generally want to try a sample before I shell out my money for it. I'm absolutely fine if they don't have any but I'd appreciate if they didn't treat me awfully just because I dared to ask for a sample. Ultimately, they lose out because if I like something, I'll go back to the place I got the sample from and buy it from there. For example, I really liked the mini Urban Decay lipstick so I ended up getting the full size one from Sephora who gave me the sample rather than Beautybay who I could have gotten free shipping from.

Anyway, onto the lipstick:

Urban Decay lipstick in Catfight

The lipstick is really creamy and goes on really smoothly. I was quite surprised as I was expecting it to tug on my lips but it really didn't. It also has a formula that doesn't accentuate any dry spots on my lips. I thought it would be quite matte but its neither matte or glossy. It's basically a very creamy and very pigmented lipstick.

The wear time has also been quite good. It lasts for hours on end and yes, like most lipsticks, it will transfer onto drinks/cups and wear off as you eat but the pigmentation is crazy and it will leave a stain.

Wearing Urban Decay lipstick in Catfight

The lipstick looks more red than pink in the tube but it actually swatches like a hot pink. It really reminded me of MAC's Impassioned lipstick but Catfight is slightly darker and has more red tones than Impassioned.

Left: MAC lipstick in Impassioned
Right: Urban Decay lipstick in Catfight

I was quite sceptical that the Urban Decay lipsticks would be good but I'm happy that I did get to try it. I remember that Urban Decay used to have lipsticks that were quite large and had a dagger shaped "handle" but they discontinued them around September/October last year. They went on sale for like $3 each! Since then, I'd always wondered if Urban Decay would bring back lipsticks and it looks like they've made their lipsticks better than ever! I'd definitely recommend them. If you look at the picture above, the swatch was ONE swipe which just goes to show how pigmented they can be.

If you're one of my Australian readers, I'd recommend that you get them from Beautybay for the free shipping. Otherwise, you can order them from Sephora if you use a parcel forwarder :)


  1. I actually have a sample of this in the exact colour! I'm going to try it now after seeing the colour. It looks great on you.
    Also, I have one of the lipsticks you're talking abt, with the dagger-shaped handle. The handle broke off :P but the formula is creamy and moisturising. A bit sheer but I like it :)

  2. I don't understand why sales assistants feel the need to be rude just because someone asks for a sample, manners cost nothing. Anyway, I love the look of Catfight, it's really pretty :) Raspberrykiss xo

  3. Wow that lipstick looks amazing!

  4. ooh, the shade is really nice! I loved it ^_~ I can totally relate with regards to the asking samples incident, it happens to me all the time~ some SA are just ndhjgsbvksgfhbhv >_<~~

  5. Oh this is so gorgeous! I really want to try their lippies! I hate how SA's don't give samples, especially when you take the time to really browse and you buy other stuff as well! They can't really expect everyone to be confident enough to just buy foundation and skincare without testing it out first! Some people can but others have sensitive skin so they have to be careful! xx

  6. Everyone is raving about these!! I'd love to order them off beautybay! its next on the wish list! great post!

  7. Sales associates can be so rude.
    I'm sorry for you bad experience but on the bright side this colour looks kick ass on you!
    Thanks for sharing! I really need to try these!

  8. I agree with you about samples but I usually always have good experiences, maybe I am just lucky to have good staff my my local DJ's and Myer.

  9. Oh I hate how sales assistants are so rude too! I even had one lying and saying that they had ran out of samples... sure... This is such a gorgeous bright lipstick though! I've also heard a lot about Beautybay but never bought anything myself from it before, I will check it out :)



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